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Where can I find real estate in LEBANON?

There are many ways to find a property in Lebanon. In the first step, of course, the Internet is available. There are many portals for the purchase and sale of buildings or land. Whether you are in Beirut, Saida, Sour or Tripoli, you will always find a real estate agent near you. On these pages you have the opportunity to search specifically for your property in Lebanon. On these provider pages you can then choose between different objects, whether you are looking for a house, shop or apartment. Of course, there is also the choice between rental property and purchase object. The real estate search is of course much more human if you go directly through a real estate agent. This broker can then look for the right property for you. If you are looking for a rental property through a broker in Beirut or Jounieh, brokerage fees of two months’ rent are usually charged as commission. Only in rare cases, the landlord takes over the cost of the property in Lebanon, in the event that otherwise no rental would be. But you can also search real estate through the local newspaper. On your next walk, you can also look out for the signs on the houses or shops or banks. Because even financial institutions are dealing with real estate in Lebanon.

Why buy a property in LIBANON??

There are many reasons to buy a property in Lebanon. On the one hand, you never have to pay rent again if you own a property. On the other hand, in case you do not want to live in the property for example Beirut, you have monthly rental income from the property in Lebanon. Having a house or land in Lebanon is a certain security. It is a safe investment to protect against inflation.

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